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Why the “Death of the Brand” Never Happened

- 2 years ago

Why the “Death of the Brand” Never Happened

With users having easier access to information than ever before on the Internet, some experts anticipated and warned about the inevitable “death of the brand.” Some years later, it’s obvious that a company’s brand identity is still one of its most valuable benefits. So, what exactly went wrong with this prediction?

The assertion that brands would lessen importance mainly stemmed from the idea that information would direct customers elsewhere. According to this logic, if customers could research several companies on the Internet, they wouldn’t be as influenced by brands. 

But with brands like Apple, Google, and Microsoft still stronger than ever, one could assert the role of brand identity has become even more important. According to a recent Harvard Business Review article, this is because brands still appeal to emotions, rather than just give customers information: 

“The role of a brand is—and never was—just about solving an information problem. It’s about providing meaning and satisfying emotional needs. These fundamental human needs have not changed. To the contrary as consumers experience information overload, there might be a tendency to gravitate toward what’s known and comforting.”

People don’t necessarily buy iPhones because of the operating system or technical specifications. And for many iPhone owners, finding out that the Samsung Galaxy or Nexus 6 actually have better processors wouldn’t sway them away from Apple. 

That’s because these people are more interested in Apple’s brand than anything else. They’re going to stick with their iPhone because it’s something they want to identify with. And when the next one is released, they’re ready to stand in line and wait for hours.

To argue that the brand is dead in spite of companies like Apple and Samsung is illogical. The brand is more important than ever and as long as people want to buy products that they identify with, that’s not going to change. 

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