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Two Changes Coming to Facebook Video Ads

- 2 years ago

Two Changes Coming to Facebook Video Ads

This week, Facebook announced two big changes coming to its advertising platform. The two changes affect the way Facebook measure performance on video ads and have been a commonly requested feature by advertising professionals for some time now.


The first big update addresses concerns marketers on social media had about the way Facebook counted impressions of video ads. In the past, Facebook would charge for an impression as soon as the video ad began playing somewhere on the screen of the user.


This method was considered to be inaccurate for advertisers as the video ad would begin playing muted, and sometimes only partially showing on the screen. Rather than paying attention to the ad in the video, users were simply triggering the ad to play by scrolling past.


The second big update made to the platform includes contracting with Moat to verify video performance. Moat is already popular among other media companies like Twitter and the New York Times and looks to offer better insights for advertisers.


Facebook has come under fire in the past for the way it measures video performance on its site. Hank Green, a popular Youtube personality and professional video maker, publicly accused Facebook for using the metrics it did to make its video business look better. He argued Facebook lied and cheated to make its video business more appealing to advertisers.


Moats partnership with Facebook will initially only include video advertising but is expected to expand to Facebook’s other advertising channels including the news feed and Instagram.


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