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Trademarks and Branding Strategies

- 2 years ago

Trademarks and Branding Strategies

Any word, symbol, logo or phrase that you use to identify your products or services can act as a trademark. You will receive likely copious advice about registering your trademark, and a trademark registration is a good tool that you can use to keep your competitors from using the same trademark. The substantive value of your trademark, however, is not in the registration, but is instead in actual use of your trademark when it is fully incorporated into your branding strategy.

First and foremost, your trademark is an indication of a consistent level of quality with respect to your products or services. If the quality that you deliver is irregular, your brand will suffer an identity crisis. Consumers want assurances that their quality expectations will meet the reality of the products or services that they are purchasing. With consistent quality, consumers who see your trademark instantaneously connect that consistent quality level with your brand, thus creating and building upon your brand identification.

Your trademark also tells consumers that your products or services are coming from a single source or from one of several sources that are controlled by a single overseer. You cannot develop a unified and consistent brand when products or services originate from a plurality of sources with no common management or administration of production.

Lastly, your trademark carries the entire backstory of your product or service to the consumer within the context of a few words or images. Consider your budget for marketing and advertising. You can spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars creating print materials and 30-second ads that you strategically place in venues that are frequented by your target consumers. You cannot keep those ads in front of consumers perpetually, but you can link the story that you are telling in those ads to the words or logo that is your trademark. When a consumer encounters your trademark in a retail outlet or online, that trademark will bring the entire backstory that you created in your ads to the forefront of the consumer’s mind. The trademark builds and maintains the branding for you.   

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