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To What Extent Does Your Product Determine Your Brand Identity?

- 2 years ago

To What Extent Does Your Product Determine Your Brand Identity?

Take a moment and think of a few companies that have strong brand identities. Jeep, Apple, Microsoft, Harley Davidson, and Samsung are all somewhere on that list. The common thread among them is that they all sell products that their customers want (and not need). 

The level of necessity regarding a company’s product has a lot to do with its brand identity. If a business sells a wanted product, rather than a needed one, then it needs to invest more in its brand identity.  

Ian Cowley, managing director of Cartridge Save, commented on the correlation between necessity and brand identity in a recent Guardian article:

“Even if you’re in an unsexy market, it isn’t necessary to conjure up a personality for your brand. It might be important if the brand is aspirational and needs to fit into a particular lifestyle but if your business provides something customers need, rather than want, then prices and service may well be more important than brand personality.”

This is extremely important since just about every company falls into the “want” category. Only a few businesses sell products that consumers really need. 

So unless you sell gasoline, water, or something of that nature, you need to make your brand identity a top priority. Your product isn’t going to convince customers on its own. You need to offer some experience or lifestyle that appeals to them on a different level. 

Now, it’s important to note that this distinction isn’t exactly black and white. While some products clearly fall into the “want” or “need” categories, others are trickier. It’s better to think of this as a spectrum as opposed to two separate divisions. 

The point is that the further your product leans towards the “want” category, the more important your brand identity becomes. These companies will usually get better returns on their marketing investments. 

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