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Is Your Company’s Brand Outdated? Don’t Be Afraid To Change It

- 2 years ago

Is Your Company’s Brand Outdated? Don’t Be Afraid To Change It

How long have you been using your brand for your business? In the years that you have been using that brand, your business perspective has probably changed. You could be holding your business back by not using a branding strategy or logo that showcases your business’s new direction.

Unfortunately, many business owners think they do not have to change their brand at all. This is a big misconception. Many companies have kept the same brand and logo forever, despite making big changes that would warrant a new logo or new branding strategy.

Business owners should not think that if you keep the same message, logo, and marketing strategies that you would maintain the continuity. What really happens is that people become confused because they do not understand the direction your business is going.

You have changed the direction and perspective of your business, but you have not changed your strategy. If people are confused about your company and its direction, then you know what will happen, right? If they are confused, they will move on to another company that does not confuse them. 

Why is it not a good idea to use the same brand, especially when it becomes outdated? 

  • People will not really know who you are and what your company has become
  • People will think your services or products are outdated because you have not changed your brand after all of the years
  • People will think that you do not care about your products, services, or brand because you have not changed anything

If you are not sure if your brand has been outdated, here are some signs that it could be:

  • People call or email to ask what your company is about and they want to know if you can help them
  • When you first started your company, you offered a specific product or service, but now you offer various services and/or products
  • Your company has changed its philosophy over the years 
  • Your brand is no longer appealing compared to the competition

If your brand is outdated and you want to change it, you can take the necessary time and effort to make a change either now, or for the new year. When you make a change, you will be surprised at how many people will love the change. 

Contact us today if you are ready to make the transition to changing your brand. 

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