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Creative Media, Fusion of Old and New School Marketing

- 2 years ago

Creative Media, Fusion of Old and New School Marketing

Creative media, fusion of old and new school marketing

 “Since 1992, Trimention Creative Communications has become known for focused, hard-hitting creative that sells. And we’ve achieved that recognition by applying a sophisticated approach of science and art, and by building brands with power. From pharmaceutical and healthcare, to travel & leisure, and distilled spirits—you name it, we’ve done it.” Quote from Trimention Global Communications website. 

“At Trimention, we’re students and devotees of old school branding philosophies. They are tried. They are true. And they still apply in today’s fast-changing world. We also believe in the immense power and reach of anything digital and experiential. And, by strategically merging the two, we’re able to build communication solutions that deliver big results for our clients—every time.” Quote from Trimention Global Communications website. 

A few years ago one marketing savvy person could carry out a somewhat successful marketing campagne,

Today it takes several people with different skills to create and/or sustain a successful brand. The old saying about strength in numbers apply here, but only if you assemble the right team or teams. 

You need a team with a member who knows how to target and map consumer behavior as well as utilizing new and innovative techniques to create a persona of your typical customer for each demographic area you sell your products or services. This persona can give you an in site to who you’re selling to and the reasons they buy the way they do. The information will allow you to fine tune your marketing strategy, what demographic region to sell your brand as well as which promotion will work best in each demographic region. 

This information will help your team identify your brand’s character, prioritize your message, develope and evaluate your brand’s linguistic, cultural and legal nomenclature. It will also help your team develope a rebranding and repositioning strategy if necessary.

Another team member will be an integrated marketing specialist. This person will take the available information and design a retail marketing campaign for each demographic region. This includes integrating broadcast, print, digital, and trade show marketing into one seamless and coordinated campaign. 

A third team member will oversee the funding, planning, and implementation of the public relations and multi media events.

To sum things up, Your assigned team of marketing specialists will gather information necessary to budget, forecast and formulate an integrated marketing plan for purchasing online and traditional, domestic and international publicity. We will use innovative and creative marketing strategies and techniques to promote your brand in a positive way. The team will also provide a return on marketing investment analysis and rationalization report. 

When you are ready for an agency who wants to work with you and be your integrated marketing specialist for years to come. Trimention Global Communications is ready to sit down and listen to your ideas and what your needs are. We want to work with you to provide whatever you need to successfully promote your brand in a creative way. Contact us and we will be there for you when you need us. 

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