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3 Top Branding Tips

- 2 years ago

3 Top Branding Tips

Your branding efforts will decide how loyal your customers are when competition increases. Here are three top branding tips based on the successful trends in modern marketing campaigns.

3D Visualization

No matter your product, 3D visualization helps your customers understand its application. Thanks to pseudo-coding IDE programs, 3D visualization is within the reach of every company; many start-up companies are actually creating their visualizations in-house. Outsourcing to professionals is affordable and usually worth the price of admission. Make sure you visualize the appropriate application of the product before beginning production on the visualization in order to maximize funds.

Showcasing Humanity

Customers, especially customers in the Millennial generation, no longer expect perfection from their brands. In the place of perfection, these new buyers require accessibility and authenticity.

Chipotle, the rising star of convenience foods for the past half-decade, based its branding climb on a slogan of “constant improvement” in relation to the issues of ingredient sourcing and animal rights. Reaching back to the first tip, the company also created many 3D visualizations to showcase their search for sustainable production methods.

Customer Empowerment

When Airbnb needed a new logo, they did not pay a team of stuffy Ivy League design specialists. They gave the job to their customers. The result was a logo that Airbnb uses to this day and a higher loyalty rating than anyone in its industry for three years running. The branding effort continues to succeed as Airbnb rewards influential customer designs periodically.

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