Our Story

Since 1992, Trimention Creative Communications has become known for focused, hard-hitting creative that sells. And we’ve achieved that recognition by applying a sophisticated approach of science and art, and by building brands with power. From pharmaceutical and healthcare, to travel & leisure, and distilled spirits—you name it, we’ve done it.

And, while we play well in our own sandbox, we play well in many other markets too:

  • US General Market
  • EU
  • APAC
  • US Hispanic

What Makes Us Different?

At Trimention, we’re students and devotees of old school branding philosophies. They are tried. They are true. And they still apply in today’s fast-changing world. We also believe in the immense power and reach of anything digital and experiential. And, by strategically merging the two, we’re able to build communication solutions that deliver big results for our clients—every time.

The Story Behind It All

1992 MIAMI BEACH: During the first gusts of Hurricane Andrew, two wannabe daredevils stared from the shore at the monstrous waves. Joined by the need for the ultimate rush (and sheer youthful stupidity) the two young men watched and planned. Eventually, they decided that riding out the storm at a local bar might be a better option.

John Grove and GE Heredia didn’t enter the ocean to meet their maker that fateful day. But, something momentous happened. The hurricane which would go on to destroy so much, created a bond between the two men that would give rise to Trimention Global Communications. And, as they say, the rest is advertising history.